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This section of the online resource is for registering contributing writers, architects, illustrators, and professionals from around the world that would like to share their work. We have three ways to help add value for our visitors that will also provide exposure to contributors.

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Contact: If you would like to contribute content on topics related to the power of observation, innovation, and sustainability, please email with “Learn from Looking Contributor” in the subject line. We welcome any links, examples of your work, or ideas on topics that you would like to contribute. If you have one or more books that you would like us to include in the book store, please provide the link(s). If you offer professional services related to sustainability, energy-efficiency, or renewable energy, please also provide the link for our review.

Background Highlight: This online resource is a work in progress as a content companion to the release of the book Learn from Looking in early 2017.  If you would like to see more drawings and purchase prints, framed art, or other products printed with the drawing graphics, please visit: